What childcare centres are looking for in a Rockstar Educator

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Making the best impression


Childcare is such a fulfilling industry to work in, and there are always casual childcare jobs going. However, even if you’re well-qualified, you are only one of many educators on the hunt for casual childcare positions.


If you are studying or working only a few hours a week and relying on casual shifts, there are ways to make yourself the educator of choice for your favourite centres. This way, you can pick and choose the days and hours you work.


Generally speaking, this is what it takes to get yourself to the top of any childcare centre’s call-back list:


  • Be friendly and personable


Childcare centres are mini-communities in their own right. They have a culture and a social structure. Friendly casual staff are more likely to be embraced by the existing team… and be invited back.


Strong communication and social skills are very important, so show you are willing and happy to contribute beyond the basics that are required of you. Be glad to see people and accept any invitations to spend time with full-time team members. Fitting in can be as significant a factor in re-hiring as any other professional skill.


  • Show you care 


As you know, it’s all about the children when you take on any role in childcare. You need to show you care about your little pals, even if you are only there for a day. Don’t forget that even small children will share feedback and tell other educators what they thought about you. Ideally, they will ask when you are coming back!


It shouldn’t be hard to show a friendly face to the children but be wary of what you say behind closed doors. Even if other educators are complaining, resist the urge to join in. As a casual, you need to keep things professional.


  • Be truthful


Honesty is vital in any work environment. When it comes to the welfare of children, it becomes even more essential. Cultivate a reputation for truthfulness and honesty, and centres will trust you to do the best for the kids.


If you’re new to the profession, it’s normal to make mistakes. You don’t have to pretend you’re perfect; it’s better to ask for help when you need it. You can also request feedback so you can improve the next time you’re there.


  • Have a positive attitude


A positive attitude is always more pleasant to be around, especially if you’re only there on a casual basis.


Be the person others look forward to being around by staying upbeat and finding the silver lining in any situation. The benefit of this is that it will rub off on the children and make the centre a nicer place to be for everyone.


When you’re always positive, if you do decide to look for full-time work after a period of taking on casual childcare jobs, your reputation will precede you.


  • Show professionalism


A childcare centre may be a bright and fun place but you still need to be professional. Be punctual and well presented, someone the centre is proud to name as a staff member.


Make an effort to fit in socially but put the work first. When you arrive for the day, ask the centre's expectations of you and then do your best to exceed those expectations.


  • Share ideas


If you’re working at a number of different centres, you’ll probably be able to share ideas and suggestions. Obviously, you need to be careful about sharing sensitive information but it’s always good to have a fresh perspective. Lead educators and centre directors always appreciate a more efficient way of doing things or new ideas to keep those little minds busy.


  • Join Z Staffing


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If you’re looking for the best way to get call-backs from childcare centres and build your reputation as a rockstar team member, apply to join Z Staffing today.

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