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We’re creating a world where there are no staff shortages

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Our ground breaking app changes casual staffing

Founded in 2021 by seasoned professionals in the childcare industry, Z Staffing emerged from the need to address critical staffing shortages and inefficient processes plaguing the sector. Our founders, with their deep expertise in childcare, recognised the necessity for a transformative approach.

At Z Staffing, we pride ourselves on our proprietary technology - a groundbreaking app that revolutionises casual staffing. This disruptive tool facilitates faster, more cost-effective staffing solutions while enhancing quality control. Our technology sets us apart, offering a competitive edge over traditional providers.

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Meet our leadership team

Rich Bell

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Hamilton

Chief Financial Officer

Tony Been

General Manager

Marko Kisa

Head of Product

Bronwyn Jones

Head of Marketing

Daniela Vescio

Operations Manager

Sonny Sharma

Head of Growth

Penny Talalak

Head of UX

Pasquale Barilla

Head of Engineering

We revolutionise all aspects of casual work.

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We're not just staffing – we're changing lives and shaping futures.

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Z Staffing offers childcare centres a revolutionary staffing solution, combining quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness like never before.

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Commonly asked questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you find answers.
Can I contact Z Staffing via email or phone?
While our in-app chat offers the quickest response, we understand that sometimes you might prefer to reach out via email. You can contact us at admin@zstaffing.com.au for non-urgent matters. Please note that we have moved away from phone support to focus on providing more efficient service through our app and email channels.
How can I get help with a specific shift or scheduling issue?
If you have questions or need assistance with a specific shift or scheduling, please use the 'Shifts Chat' in our app. This dedicated channel is designed to provide you with swift and precise help regarding shift scheduling, cancellations, or any other related concerns.
What's the best way to contact Z Staffing for immediate assistance?
For prompt support, the best way to contact us is through the chat feature in the Z Staffing app. We have dedicated chat channels for shift-related queries and general issues, ensuring you get targeted assistance quickly and efficiently. This feature connects you directly with our team for real-time responses.
How do I find casual work?
Our extensive network of vetted, trained, and dedicated educators ensures a high fill rate for shifts. We pride ourselves on our 9/10 shift fill rate, demonstrating our commitment to providing reliable casual staffing solutions. Whether you need last-minute cover or advance requirements , Z Staffing is equipped to meet your needs promptly and effectively.

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General enquiries

For urgent matters, call us at 1300 922 782. Z Educators and centres can get quick responses by using the in-app chat.

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More than a job, it's a rewarding journey. Discover bonuses, flexibility, variety, and unparalleled pay with Z Staffing.

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Welcome to Z Staffing, where finding rewarding travel nurse contracts across Australia is as eaZy as 1, 2, Z.

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What inspired the creation of Z Staffing?

How does Z Staffing’s technology improve the staffing process?

What sets Z Staffing apart from traditional staffing providers?

Who can benefit from Z Staffing’s services?


Z Staffing was founded in 2021 by seasoned professionals in the childcare industry, driven by a clear vision to address critical staffing shortages and the inefficiencies within the sector. Our founders, leveraging their extensive expertise in childcare, saw the urgent need for a transformative approach to staffing. This led to the creation of Z Staffing, an entity dedicated to revolutionising casual staffing through innovative technology and a deep understanding of the industry's dynamics.

At the heart of Z Staffing is our proprietary technology, embodied in our groundbreaking app. This tool is designed to revolutionise the way casual staffing is managed by facilitating faster, more efficient, and cost-effective staffing solutions. Our technology enhances quality control and streamlines the matching process, providing an edge over traditional staffing methods. It's not just about filling roles; it's about creating the right connections and ensuring the highest standards are met.

Z Staffing differentiates itself by combining industry expertise with advanced technology. Unlike traditional staffing providers, we focus on speed, cost-effectiveness, and quality. Our app offers real-time matching of educators to centres, ensuring a quick response to immediate staffing needs. This approach not only saves time and resources but also elevates the standard of casual staffing, ensuring educators and centres are perfectly aligned.

Z Staffing's services are designed for two main groups: childcare educators seeking flexible, rewarding job opportunities, and childcare centres in need of qualified, reliable staff. Our platform serves over 2.1k workplaces and 5.5k educators, completing over 144k shifts. We cater to anyone within the childcare sector looking for an innovative, efficient, and quality-driven staffing solution, whether it's for short-term needs or long-term relationships.