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Choose your work life

Work where you want, when you want, as often as you desire.


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Receive notifications for shifts that perfectly match your skills and preferences.


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Accept shifts at centres that align with your professional and personal goals.


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Effortless staffing solutions. Quickly post your shifts and find the perfect educator match.


Fill shifts fast

Speedy solutions with a 9/10 fill rate. Say goodbye to casual staffing worries.


Your perfect match

Trust our pool of qualified educators for quality childcare at your centre.

Supporting over 2,100 childcare centres across Australia with a 9/10 fill rate

We’re committed to maintaining high standards of service for every childcare centre in Australia. Enter your suburb or postcode to view our impressive fill rates in your area.
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What childcare centres love about Z Staffing

Discovering Z Staffing has been a game-changer for our business's casual staffing needs. Their professionalism, quick turnaround times, and the quality of candidates they provide have consistently exceeded our expectations. Z helped set up our profile to attract educators who match our needs and culture. Their seamless process and exceptional customer support have made every staffing challenge a breeze to overcome. Z Staffing is more than just a service provider, they've become a trusted partner in our operational success.

Dan R.
Childcare owner @ Adam’s Academy

Z Staffing is a fast and reliable service. There were the occasions when I posted the shift to be covered within a span of as little as in 30 min and someone was able to pick the shift. The people so far who have come to our service are very reliable and ready to take initiatives as working as part of the team. Price wise I would say Z Staffing is definitely economical as compared to many other agencies. The app is very easy to use and pretty straight forward. Nikita, who works as our support person for our service from Z Staffing, is very helpful. Strongly recommend Z Staffing.

Sehrish S.
Centre manager @ Amiga Montessori

Z Staffing, with their efficient app and supportive staff, has been instrumental in swiftly meeting our Centre's urgent hiring needs. Highly recommended for their prompt service and user-friendly platform!

Dilek S.
People & Talent Manager @ Aspire Early Education & Kindergarten

We have been using Z for almost 12 months; and have been happy with the team so far. We have been able to fill our shifts relatively quickly; and Z has been able to fill almost all our shifts that we have posted. We have been fortunate to have a few wonderful educators to support us. The app was easy to use. Though the chat function can be convenient to reach out directly to the educators, it can be a challenge too when educators use the chat to cancel their shift at the last minute as we don’t monitor our phones when working in the rooms. The Z team has been very helpful on the occasions when we had this issue, and they tried their best to re-fill those shifts for us.

Ivonne Y.
Centre Director @ Froebel

Z staffing is our go to when we need to fill shifts at our centre. The app is so easy to use and makes the process of finding casual staff stress free. The quality of the educators is high and their practise is child focused. Definitely give Z staffing a try.

Adam S.
Centre Director @ Brightminds Early Learning

Z Staffing has been a partner of ours for quite some time and they have taken all the stress out of finding casuals to fill shifts. We literally do not worry about filling empty shifts any more. There have been evenings where we have had many educators call in sick and all of our shifts have been filled by Z Staffing. The quality of educators is also better than those provided by other platforms we've used in the past, and at a much cheaper rate than the other services. It is great that educators can be reviewed in the app by services - this means you don't end up with educators who just sit in the corner and make up numbers! Their app is slick and does a great job of connecting you with educators. Support is always available via online chat and they've always answered my questions, even the tricky ones. This is casual recruitment reimagined!

Centre Owner at Kids College

Z Staffing has been a reliable service for accessing agency educators. We have a high rate of shifts being filled, with a consistency of return educators which has been integral to our staffing arrangements when accessing external educators. Communication with the team at Z Staffing has been efficient and thorough and organising shifts via the Z APP supports our teams with effective planning

Peta Mackenzie
Head of Compliance and Operations
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Commonly asked questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you find answers.
How is Z Staffing different from a recruitment agency?
At Z Staffing, we prioritise educators' needs like no other. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we offer a tech-driven platform that puts you in control. Say goodbye to endless phone calls and uncertainty. With our intuitive Z App, you gain access to a vast pool of quality shifts, faster than ever. Our revolutionary technology ensures you get the flexibility, efficiency, and better pay. Once part of the Z Staffing team, you'll benefit from our commitment to your professional development and wellbeing, rather than being just another name in a database.
I can only work during certain times, are the shifts flexible?
Absolutely, flexibility is at the heart of what we offer at Z Staffing. Our app allows you to set your availability according to your personal schedule. Whether you’re looking for shifts during specific hours of the day, certain days of the week, or even particular times of the year, our platform caters to your needs. This means you can balance your work with other commitments, ensuring a healthy work-life harmony.
Can I accept shifts that are close to home for me?
Yes, you can. We understand the importance of convenience in your work life. Our app enables you to choose shifts based on location, allowing you to select work that is close to home or in areas you prefer. This feature is designed to minimise your travel time and maximise convenience, making it easier for you to integrate work seamlessly into your life.
How much will I get paid?
Your pay rate with Z Staffing will be competitive and reflective of the value you bring as an educator. We pride ourselves on offering above award rates, along with bonuses and incentives to reward your hard work and dedication. The exact rate will depend on factors like your qualifications, experience, and the nature of the shifts you undertake. Your talent advisor will discuss this with you during your interview. The efficiency of our app allows us to operate with lower overheads, which means we can pay our educators more competitive rates than other agencies.

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More than a job, it's a rewarding journey. Discover bonuses, flexibility, variety, and unparalleled pay with Z Staffing.

Commonly asked questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you find answers.
How is Z Staffing different from a recruitment agency?
Z Staffing is a game-changer in casual staffing. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline the process. No more picking up the phone and waiting for responses. With Z Staffing, you benefit from a 9/10 shift fill rate, ensuring your staffing needs are met promptly. We offer cost-effective solutions, revolutionising the casual workforce. Our tech-driven approach means quicker results, better prices, and a community that values excellence and flexibility. Choose Z Staffing for a modern, efficient, and reliable staffing solution.
How do I book an educator with Z?
Booking an educator with Z is straightforward and user-friendly. Once you've registered and set up your centre's profile on our app, you can post shifts that need filling. The app will then match your requirements with suitable educators who have the qualifications and availability you're looking for. The process is quick and efficient, minimising the time you spend on getting quality casual staff.
How likely am I to find educators with Z?
Our extensive network of vetted, trained, and dedicated educators ensures a high fill rate for shifts. We pride ourselves on our 9/10 shift fill rate, demonstrating our commitment to providing reliable casual staffing solutions. Whether you need last-minute cover or advance requirements , Z Staffing is equipped to meet your needs promptly and effectively.
Do you have educators in my area?
Z Staffing boasts an expansive network that covers a wide range of areas across Australia, from major cities to smaller towns. Our platform is designed to connect you with educators in your specific region, ensuring that we can cater to your local needs. Our goal is to provide accessible and quality staffing solutions, regardless of your centre's location.

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Get started with Z and find casual staff right away!

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Z Staffing offers childcare centres a revolutionary staffing solution, combining quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness like never before.



Why choose Z Staffing?

How is Z Staffing different from a recruitment agency?

How do I get started?

Is it free to use Z Staffing?


At Z Staffing, we redefine the casual staffing experience for both childcare centres and educators. Our tech-driven platform connects centres with quality educators instantly, ensuring 9 out of 10 shifts are filled quickly. For centres, this means cost-effective staffing with a vast pool of qualified educators. Educators benefit from flexible work, superior pay rates, and a respectful work environment. We're more than just a supplier; we're your partner in building a community that values quality, respect, and commitment to excellence in childcare

Z Staffing stands apart from traditional recruitment agencies, benefiting both educators and childcare centres. For educators, our tech-driven Z App offers unmatched flexibility, higher pay rates, and a respectful work environment. You're not just filling positions; you're building a brighter future with us.

For childcare centres, we provide a revolutionary solution. Say goodbye to time-consuming phone calls; we achieve a 9/10 shift fill rate with ease. Our technology ensures the best price in the market, saving you money. We're committed to offering a reliable, high-quality staffing solution that enhances your efficiency.

With Z Staffing, it's about more than just filling shifts; it's about fostering a community where both educators and centres thrive. We're here to revolutionise casual staffing and provide a seamless, cost-effective, and efficient experience for all.

Beginning your journey with Z Staffing is straightforward and efficient for both educators and childcare centres. After downloading our user-friendly app, you'll select whether you're seeking work or staff.

For educators, the onboarding process involves uploading your documents followed by completing an interview and induction. This ensures you're fully prepared and qualified for the opportunities ahead.

Childcare centres will be guided through the app by our team, who will ensure you're comfortably set up and ready to find the right staff. Our aim is to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible, allowing you to quickly embark on a rewarding experience with Z Staffing.

Yes, using the Z Staffing app is completely free for both educators and childcare centres. Educators are paid by us for their shifts, with no hidden fees or charges. For childcare centres, while the app usage is free, you pay for the services of our educators. The efficiency of our app allows us to operate with lower overheads, which means we can pay our educators more competitive rates and charge childcare centres less compared to traditional agencies. This setup creates a win-win situation: educators enjoy better pay for their valuable work, while centres benefit from cost-effective staffing solutions without compromising on quality.