How to find quality casuals for your childcare centre

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There’s a new way to find casual childcare workers in Australia

When you find yourself with a gap in your roster, either due to holidays or illness, filling it becomes your priority, no matter what else you had on your to-do list for the day.


There are plenty of casual childcare workers out there, but the challenge is finding the good ones and connecting with them quickly. Often, you can lose an entire morning trying to find a great casual educator at short notice.


Take a look at your options for quickly finding casual childcare workers in Australia.


Use a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies are often the first port of call when searching for a casual child care worker. While a recruitment agency will have a long list of applicants, this method has its drawbacks.

When you use a recruitment agency, the process can take time. You have to wait for someone to be available to match you with an educator. It’s also possible that they won’t be able to help you out because they don’t have someone who fits your requirements on their books.

Search and post on online job boards

You can spend your time trawling through online job boards or posting an urgent position on social media groups when you need to find a casual educator, but this method is unreliable and time-consuming.

It can be hard to verify the quality of any educator you hire through a job board, and the paperwork alone can take up valuable time. There’s also the issue of payment; you’ll have to take care of onboarding and paying the casual worker yourself, which can be fiddly and frustrating.

Use the Z Staffing App


The good news is there is a new option to help you find casual childcare workers quickly and easily. Sign up to Z Staffing to find qualified and reliable educators with just a few clicks.


Z Staffing turns the traditional recruitment agency model on its head by connecting child care centres directly with casual educators. Here are a few reasons why so many centres are signing up:


  • Beautifully designed and easy to use app: Traditional agencies don’t provide an easy to use platform that operates as an app on your phone.

  • Fully vetted staff: Z Staffing checks all childcare workers' references and qualifications before they are allowed to join the platform, guaranteeing you only welcome the best casual staff to your centre.

  • Streamlined process: With the whole process in the palm of your hand, hiring casual staff has never been simpler.

  • Quicker than ever: With Z Staffing, you can expect to fill vacancies in minutes rather than hours. Post a shift and available casual educators will be instantly notified. Once you have had a few applications, the best available educator will accept the shift via the app, then they are locked in and ready to go.

  • Find workers who live close by: Need to fill a shift at short notice? Child care educators can search by location and save themselves from travelling long distances.

  • Check and leave reviews: When an educator finishes their shift, you get to leave an Uber-style review. This is helpful for them and makes it easier for you to find the best casual educators.

  • Fast, simple payments: Z Staffing even streamlines the timesheet and payment process. Integrate the app with your payment system, and it will do all the work.


The easiest way to find casual childcare educators

Imagine never stressing about staff absences again. You can jump into the app, post a shift and have an available casual educator accept the role, before the day is even underway!

When your centre joins Z Staffing, you can:

  • Create your profile: Take the opportunity to let educators know what's great about your centre

  • Rate your experience: Provide casual educators with feedback on their communication, presentation and quality of their interactions with the children.

  • Check payment and jobs: Easily monitor the hours billed by your casual staff.

  • Manage multiple centres from one place: Add them all to the app if you manage more than one centre.

  • Provide access to your team: Z Staffing is so easy to use that you can confidently delegate the responsibility to a team member.

  • Find great educators: High-quality casual staff often end up full-time. Keep your eye on casual workers as potential full-timers when a position opens up.

No more waiting for recruitment agencies to get back to you. Say goodbye to filling out endless paperwork and hoping your job listing finds the right people.

Cost-effective and easy to use, Z Staffing is a game-changing platform that makes finding childcare workers in Australia so much easier.


If you are struggling to find casual childcare workers or wish there were a better way, apply to Z Staffing and join the community today! 

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