How to find casual work in childcare

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How to find casual work in childcare

A new way to find casual childcare work in Australia.


Picking up shifts as a casual childcare educator can be a great way to earn extra income when you are studying or taking care of your family. The problem is, that the work can be hard to find. Jobs often come up with very little notice, making it difficult to plan your day. What’s more, you never quite know what you’re getting yourself into.


With that in mind, here are the different methods you can use to find casual childcare work in your area:


Use an agency or placement service


Once you have registered with a childcare staffing agency or placement service and built up your reputation, you will be recommended for shifts.


The drawback of this is the lack of control. It’s up to the agency to recommend you and they may only have a limited number of centres on their books. They may also put you forward for positions that are a long drive or bus ride away, which can add to the stress of your day.


Apply for online postings


There are online job boards for casual childcare workers but these can be hit and miss. It’s hard to know what the centres are like and if they will pay you on time. You’ll also have to go through the process of applying for each job, filling out forms and sharing your qualifications every time. It’s hard for centres to know if you’re actually qualified, which can make them wary of offering you a position.


Use Z Staffing's new app


A new alternative streamlines your search for casual childcare work. Simply apply to become a registered educator with  Z Staffing and you’ll receive job notifications in the palm of your hand.


Z Staffing outstrips traditional recruitment agencies in almost every way. Here are a few reasons to join:


  • Beautifully designed and easy to use app: Traditional agencies don’t always provide an easy to use platform that operates as an app on your phone.

  • Get paid above award rates: Some agencies might find well-paying work for you, but there are no guarantees. With Z Staffing, you know your pay will be above award rates.

  • Directly connect with local childcare centres: With a traditional recruitment agency, you have to wait for a text or call to confirm your shifts. Through the Z Staffing app, you can see which shifts are available and accept those shifts on your smartphone.

  • Prove your qualifications: The friendly team at Z Staffingwill take care of your entire onboarding process, including managing copies of your certifications and qualifications, so you won't have to provide these to the centres every time you apply for a shift.

  • Better experience for educators and childcare centres: Z Staffing is a streamlined, real-time experience that makes finding and filling shifts easier for both educators and childcare centres.


The easiest way to find casual childcare work



Imagine waking up to see several available shift notifications on your phone. You can apply for the ones you want and accept the shift that works for you.



When you join Z Staffing as a qualified childcare educator, you can:


  • Set up a profile that all potential employers can see

  • Apply for multiple shifts at once

  • Apply for a shift as soon as you receive a notification

  • Earn a star rating that centres will see, and that you can refer to in your future search for permanent employment

  • Check out the relevant centre before you accept a shift

  • Set your location for jobs that are within a reasonable distance from your home

  • Work where you want, when you want.


No more waiting for agency callbacks or wasting time filling out endless application forms. Z Staffing is a game-changing platform that makes finding casual childcare shifts so much easier.


If you are struggling to find casual childcare work or wish there were a better way, apply to Z Staffing and create your profile today.

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