5 Ways Casual Staff Benefit Your Childcare Centre

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Across the country, we are facing a shortage of early childhood educators. For centre managers and owners, it can be a challenge to employ enough staff to meet all necessary ratios to care for children. In an ever-evolving industry, the use of casual staff is changing the game for childcare centres. There is a world of benefits casual childcare educators can bring to your centre, from cost-efficiency and beyond. Read on to discover five reasons why you should look to hiring casual workers as a business strategy.

#1 – Casual Childcare Workers Make Excellent Resources

When facing both expected and unexpected staff absences, having a recruitment tool that connects you instantly with talented casual childcare educators is incredibly beneficial. Particularly in this era with childcare educator shortages, it can be difficult to remain in ratio when permanent staff call in sick. It creates a much more positive experience when you know that a competent casual worker can step in at a moment’s notice. Using staffing apps like Z Staffing can assist your centre in finding last-minute replacements without the stress and disruption. Having reliable casual workers in times of staff absences helps maintain the centre's commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment, reinforcing the strength of your childcare team as a whole.

#2 – Casual Childcare Workers Reduce Permanent Staff Burnout

Casual childhood educators play a critical role in reducing the burnout of your permanent staff by providing essential relief during high-demand periods and supplementing staff when employees need time off. Arranging additional staff support ensures that the workload is distributed more evenly, preventing the exhaustion and stress that can accompany large amounts of overtime and overwork for permanent staff members. During your worker’s annual leave, extra staffing can prevent disruption to other team members’ days off and contribute to a happier workplace. This reduction in burnout is not only beneficial for the well-being of the team and workplace but also can have a direct impact on the quality of care children are receiving. As casual workers shoulder some of the responsibility, the remainder of your staff can perform their regular duties without interruption and to the best of their ability. The presence of casuals acts as a safety net, allowing your core team to recuperate and return to their roles re-energised and better equipped to deliver the exceptional childcare services that parents and children expect.

#3 – Casual Childcare Workers Support Scalability

Casual early childhood educators can be a critical resource during periods with higher enrolments or expected seasonal variations. Casual workers allow centres to adapt quickly to changing needs during these fluctuating periods. Whenever enrolment is high or special programs require additional staff to meet quotas, the option to utilise casual workers can be beneficial to centres, staff, and children alike. Conversely, during quieter periods, casual workers can be scaled back to prevent unnecessary costs. With complete transparency and understanding, working with casual staff allows for flexibility without damaging working relationships. This dynamic scalability is a strategic advantage, allowing centres to allocate or remove resources based on need while providing high-quality care at all times. 

#4 – Casual Childcare Workers Are Cost-Efficient

Casual early learning educators provide a dual cost-effective advantage that centre operators cannot afford to overlook. Since centres only pay for the hours worked, casual staff can help to keep expenses in check, making it an exceptional financial choice. Additionally, these roles can serve as a valuable trial period to assess whether a worker is a long-term fit for the centre. This flexibility allows centres to evaluate the skills, compatibility, and dedication of casual workers before committing to a permanent position that might not suit the business needs. In this way, childcare centres can ensure that they are making the correct long-term hiring decisions, making the most of their resources and enhancing the overall quality of their team.

#5 – Casual Childcare Workers Provide Innovation

Like any workplace, sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with new ideas and activities. This is where casual workers can bring a breath of fresh air to your centre. Providing innovative ideas and specialised skills, the diverse backgrounds and experiences of these workers can infuse creativity and fresh perspectives into your centre operations. Many casual childcare educators have unique experience and expertise, whether it is in education techniques or language skills, and this can enrich the childcare experience for young children. Casual contributions can sometimes challenge the status quo, and introduce novel teaching methods and ideas that can help to improve the quality of care. This not only benefits children but can keep both staff and children excited and engaged in the centre's activities.

Striking a Balance Between Permanent & Casual Staff

When running or managing a childcare centre, you must ensure you have the correct amount of childcare educators to children to remain in ratio. With industry-wide worker shortages, planned holidays by permanent workers, and sudden staffing issues due to sick leave, it can be a challenge to ensure you have enough staff available. The biggest and simplest solution is to utilise Z Staffing's incredible pool of talented casual early childhood educators to fill any gaps in your staffing. Beyond simply meeting a need, casual workers provide an excellent, cost-efficient resource that reduces staff burnout, supports scalability, and provides innovation to your centre. To find out more about how casual staffing can support your centre, contact us today.


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When running or managing a childcare centre, you must ensure you have the correct amount of childcare educators to children to remain in ratio. With industry-wide worker shortages, planned holidays by permanent workers, and sudden staffing issues due to sick leave, it can be a challenge to ensure you have enough staff available.

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