Why do many educators prefer casual childcare jobs?

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While some educators prefer the stability and predictability of a permanent position at just one centre, many others prefer the flexibility and variety of casual childcare work. Casual childcare work is a particularly good option for those who are looking to build their experience in a diverse range of centres or those who have other commitments outside their work such as study, caregiving responsibilities, volunteering, or working on a side hustle. If you’re considering pursuing casual work, read on to discover the top four reasons educators prefer casual childcare jobs.


1. Choose shifts that suit your availability 

As a casual, you have the right to dictate your own availability and refuse or accept shifts based on whether or not the time and location are convenient for you. This flexibility is particularly convenient if you have shifting commitments that mean your availability varies week-to-week or even day-by-day, or if you’re often on the move and your location varies regularly. Z Staffing allows you to select the times you are available to work each week and either accept or reject any shifts that you are offered. This format gives educators maximum flexibility, while also offering plenty of opportunities to work and earn as much as they require. 


2. Higher hourly rate

Just like casual workers in other industries, casual childcare workers are paid a higher hourly rate which includes casual loading. This means you’ll take home more cash at the end of the week, but of course, the trade-off is that you won’t get paid sick days or holiday leave. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, a higher hourly rate may be a better option for you, especially if you rarely take sick days. What’s more, if you’re part of the Z Staffing community of educators, you’ll be paid 10% above award rates for every shift with the potential to earn up to $300 per day. Centres using the Z Staffing platform can also offer up to an additional $50 bonus to fill shifts on short notice, further boosting your earning potential.


3. Gain experience working at a range of centres

If you’re looking to build your experience and skills, working in a wide range of centres can be a great way to familiarise yourself with a range of different approaches to running a childcare centre. Working with lots of other educators can also help you to learn new skills, tools, and ideas as each individual educator will have their own wisdom and experience to share. Working in lots of centres as a casual employee can also be a good idea if you plan to take on a permanent role later down the track. Having a good idea of the type of centre you enjoy working in will make it easier to choose where you’d like to work full-time in the future. Plus, having so much knowledge gained from working in lots of different centres can help you ace any job interview. 


4. Every day is different

The days go fast when you’re working as a casual educator. Not only are you constantly working in different environments, but you’re also surrounded by different colleagues and children, meaning that no two days are alike. Every centre has its own unique rhythm, activities, and resources, so you’ll be constantly experiencing something new.


What’s the best way to get casual childcare shifts?

If you’re keen to enjoy the benefits of casual childcare work but you’re worried about the hassle of searching for shifts, Z Staffing has the solution. Once you’ve been vetted, interviewed, and accepted as one of our educators, you can select your availability and start accepting the shifts that suit you straight away through our easy-to-use app. Our on-demand service will notify you of shifts in real-time and you can accept shifts with the touch of a button - no need to wait by the phone. To join the Z Staffing community of educators, book an interview today.


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