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If you are currently studying and have done at least 25 hours of work placement, you can earn up to $400* a shift working with Z Staffing.


Z App - a purpose built app for the Early Childhood Sector

Z Staffing have partnered with Foundation Education to provide you the opportunity to work as a casual with Australia’s leading childcare brands including Guardian, Montessori Academy, Little Zak’s Academy and 100s more.


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Come and join Z Staffing while you study with Foundation today!

Earn up to $400 per day* as a casual educator with Z Staffing. Foundation Education is a Registered Training Organisation: RTO Number 22557.

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How is Z Staffing different from a recruitment agency?

I can only work during certain times, are the shifts flexible?

Can I accept shifts that are close to home for me?

How much will I get paid?


At Z Staffing, we prioritise educators' needs like no other.
Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we offer a tech-driven platform that puts you in control. Say goodbye to endless phone calls and uncertainty. With our intuitive Z App, you gain access to a vast pool of quality shifts, faster than ever. Our revolutionary technology ensures you get the flexibility, efficiency, and better pay. Once part of the Z Staffing team, you'll benefit from our commitment to your professional development and wellbeing, rather than being just another name in a database.

Absolutely, flexibility is at the heart of what we offer at Z Staffing. Our app allows you to set your availability according to your personal schedule. Whether you’re looking for shifts during specific hours of the day, certain days of the week, or even particular times of the year, our platform caters to your needs. This means you can balance your work with other commitments, ensuring a healthy work-life harmony.

Yes, you can. We understand the importance of convenience in your work life. Our app enables you to choose shifts based on location, allowing you to select work that is close to home or in areas you prefer. This feature is designed to minimise your travel time and maximise convenience, making it easier for you to integrate work seamlessly into your life.

Your pay rate with Z Staffing will be competitive and reflective of the value you bring as an educator. We pride ourselves on offering above award rates, along with bonuses and incentives to reward your hard work and dedication. The exact rate will depend on factors like your qualifications, experience, and the nature of the shifts you undertake. Your talent advisor will discuss this with you during your interview. The efficiency of our app allows us to operate with lower overheads, which means we can pay our educators more competitive rates than other agencies.

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Z Staffing offers childcare centres a revolutionary staffing solution, combining quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness like never before.

Commonly asked questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you find answers.
Can I contact Z Staffing via email or phone?
While our in-app chat offers the quickest response, we understand that sometimes you might prefer to reach out via email. You can contact us at admin@zstaffing.com.au for non-urgent matters. Please note that we have moved away from phone support to focus on providing more efficient service through our app and email channels.
How can I get help with a specific shift or scheduling issue?
If you have questions or need assistance with a specific shift or scheduling, please use the 'Shifts Chat' in our app. This dedicated channel is designed to provide you with swift and precise help regarding shift scheduling, cancellations, or any other related concerns.
What's the best way to contact Z Staffing for immediate assistance?
For prompt support, the best way to contact us is through the chat feature in the Z Staffing app. We have dedicated chat channels for shift-related queries and general issues, ensuring you get targeted assistance quickly and efficiently. This feature connects you directly with our team for real-time responses.
How do I find casual work?
Our extensive network of vetted, trained, and dedicated educators ensures a high fill rate for shifts. We pride ourselves on our 9/10 shift fill rate, demonstrating our commitment to providing reliable casual staffing solutions. Whether you need last-minute cover or advance requirements , Z Staffing is equipped to meet your needs promptly and effectively.

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General enquiries

For urgent matters, call us at 1300 922 782. Z Educators and centres can get quick responses by using the in-app chat.